Protect the soil that protects us

Most mining rehabilitation is unfortunately a box ticking exercise at best. Our dedicated restoration professionals will instead manage a team of contractors dedicated to leaving an improved environment and sustainable legacy for your local community. We look for profitable solutions to dealing with contaminated land, always seeking to enhance landscape value and encourage biodiversity and habitat creation.

Then we seek to improve on what was there before, for the land to be used for farming, commerce, tourism or leisure opportunities e.g. wetlands, woodland and wildlife sanctuaries. Or community parks with fishing and boating, footpaths, cycle ways and public art. Once sites are restored they enter an aftercare phase of at least five years to ensure the high quality of the restoration is maintained.

  • Observe & Learn from Nature. Test. Sample. Know your Environment.
  • Understand your Optimal Circular Economy, Sustainable Solutions. Leverage our IP.
  • Implement. Observe. Learn. Adapt. Create Sustainable Wealth. Repeat.

Just Transition

An Opportunity to Thrive

The Just Transition introduces both threats and opportunities for natural resources companies. We are committed to finding the best solutions to help you thrive during this time. Get in touch with us and let's do this properly.

Image courtesy of Climate Justice Alliance, Just Transition Principles.