Southern African Energy GIS Database

Our GIS database is available as a Google Earth .kmz file with ten layers:

  • All African Coal Fields (group by country)
  • Coal Consumers (group by industry type)
  • Coal Producers (group by company, division)
  • Fuel Depots (group by company)
  • Farm Boundaries (currently only for Mpumalanga coalfields)
  • Pipelines (group by company)
  • Ports (group by country)
  • Power Stations (biomass, coal, gas, hydro, nuclear, solar & wind)
  • SA Rail Infrastructure (sidings and track network)
  • Refineries

We have mapped over 200 coal mines and projects (showing mining lease area), as well as all power projects from REIPPP 1-4. Your annual subscription entitles you to 4 quarterly updates. Free to members or US$100 for non-members.