Offering you commodity insights and markets for today’s profits, while helping to restore land to make it sustainable for tomorrow’s.

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Having founded game-changing online commodity markets, and with decades of experience in mining, trading, banking and brokering, we offer clients three core services :-
Commodity research, data, indices & insights;
Online African commodity markets (auctions, tenders & OTC);
Regenerative community development to restore degraded land.

Commodities tend to trade in price range bands, depending on prevailing supply and demand. With physical and financial commodities, as well as commodity-based stocks, success often lies more in "timing the market" than "time in the market". Our weekly Monday briefing has become crucial to clients to inform their production scheduling, trading, investing, lending and procurement strategies. Although no-one has a crystal ball, as a highly experienced and focused research house, we offer incredible value for money with our (mostly) accurate analysis and forecasts.

Furthermore, when you need feet on the ground for insights into Africa, you need look no further for a reliable advisor and partner. As an independent broker, trust us to undertake counteparty due-diligence for you, screening out the time-wasters and cowboys to ensure you greater efficiency and results.

Executive Team


Bevan Jones

Bevan is a leading global expert on energy and commodity markets.

Trained as a SA mining engineer, he co-founded globalCOAL in London while also helping to establish Trayport, the leading commodity trading platform now owned by TMX.

He has provided expert consulting and corporate finance advice to the mining, oil & gas, power, trading and banking sectors. Often quoted in the financial media, his passion now is to work with communities to restore and regenerate degraded mine land.

Bevan Jones

Oyama Balfour

With Economics and Mathematical Finance degrees, Oyama is no stranger to quantitative finance.

Having gained cutting-edge experience in the hedge fund and crypto industries, Oyama is head of business development, responsible for driving new business and strategic relationships for the company.

He is highly connected within the SA resources sector and brings significant insights to the team, offering a wider and more diverse view that ultimately benefits our clients.

Oyama Balfour

Business Development
Sbonelo Mkhize

INkosi Mkhize is the head of the AbaMbo Traditional Council in KwaZulu-Natal and brother-in-law to HRH Prince Nhlanganiso Zulu of the Zulu kingdom.

In his youth he was selected for an Obama African leader's fellowship in the USA, while he has also professionally traded commodities and FX within South Africa and internationally.

Sbonelo is currently chairman of Ithala SOC Limited, while he also advocates for integrating rural development methods with mainstream economic policy and financial markets. He brings a wealth of experience and strategic networks across Africa to our board.

Sbonelo Mkhize

Non-Executive Director